Members of a devoted husbands' association are poised to head to the Tokyo district of Shimbashi -- widely regarded as a salaryman sanctuary -- to shout out their love for their wives.

About 100 members of the Zenkoku Teishu Kanpaku Kyokai (National Male Chauvinist Pig Association) are expected to hit the streets, where they will chant the three rules for treating wives -- don't be scared to apologize, always say 'thank you' and never be scared to say 'I love you.'

We want to go to the crusty codger's hallowed ground and scream out our love for our wives, while also giving some hope to all those other worried geezers out there, Shuichi Amano, chairman of the association and producer of its newsletter, said.

Teishu Kanpaku is a Japanese term roughly equivalent to a woman describing her husband in English as a male chauvinist pig. But the association took on the name ironically and is a group devoted to avoiding marital conflict through the use of feeling and communication. The organization based in Kurume, Fukuoka Prefecture, was formed by a few guys in 1999, but attracted considerable media interest and now counts some 260 members from across Japan.

The association says it will go to Shinbashi on Sept. 9, as one reading of the date in Japanese can be translated to mean "tough, tough," which is an appropriate description for the lives of most of Japan's old-timers. The association chose Shinbashi because it is an office district with lots of pubs, and is a favored choice for man-on-the-street interviews with salarymen.

Association members will chant out their group's rules during the afternoon of Sept. 9, then head off to a Shinjuku hotel where Amano will give a speech about the new rules husbands should follow in Japan. After his speech, the association plans to gather in a pub for some drinks and to make new friends.

But nothing that will get our wives angry. (Mainichi)

August 28, 2006